Frankie Hanna Tribute

Frankie and Tia Hanna started the Hanna Youth Foundation to provide the financial means to help our less fortunate youth community. Frankie believed that giving them hands on experiences could change their perspective of the world or even life, ensuring that no child is limited from attaining their lifetime goal due to finances. Frankie helped establish this foundation for the sole purpose of raising and disturbing funds to youth service and enrichment programs, through sports is where she wanted to begin this journey. This entire foundation has dedicated to the hard work and genuine love Frankie Hanna had with the youth community, Frankie sadly gained her angel wings July 16, 2021, this foundation will continue to honor her beliefs and determination to empower the world’s next generation. 


Youth Smiles without any reason. It is one of its chiefest charms.

– Frankie

Love Unconditionally

Children make up 22% of the population, when they thrive, their youth communities thrive. There is no better time to contribute, with every gift you move this life changing work forward another mile and honoring Frankie Hanna.