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Youth Foundation provides young people with support and opportunity, free of judgement and helps them envision a future worth investing in.

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to give each child an opportunity to participate in a positive environment and build Community Pride no matter their family’s income. To give our youth the chance to experience different cultures and surroundings, we want to take care of you to museums, aquariums, experience sights and sounds to enrich their knowledge of life, giving some an escape of their “harsh reality”.

Our Vision

Hanna Youth Foundationis causing generational transformations to build stronger communities throughout the country..

Donation Programs

The foundation, with 30 years of on-the-ground experience, has supported thousands of Southern California youth sports organizations through grant making, while also training coaches, commissioning research, convening conferences and acting as a national thought leader on important youth sports issues

“This foundation is everything i need, I love it”

– Ethan Smith, New York

“I couldn’t help but donate after meeting these nice kids”

– Jamal Craigs, Tampa, FL

Our Work

The Hanna Youth Foundation makes grants to non-profit youth sports organizations throughout Southern Florida, educates coaches, convenes local and national thought leaders and uses its voice to advance sports as an essential element in transforming the lives of youth.








Fundraising Goal

Hanna Youth Foundation makes grants to non-profit youth sports organizations in the southernmost counties of Florida. The foundation focuses on underserved communities and looks to track the impacts structured sports has on youth development outcomes.

The foundation convenes local, national and international thought-leaders and content experts for national conferences and local meetings to promote a wider understanding of the role that youth sports plays.

Through its own programs and carefully selected partnerships, Hanna Youth Foundation provides coaching education clinics for youth coaches of all levels and sports.

Our Partners

Hanna Youth Foundation seeks partners who are committed to our collective goals of radically expanding youth sports opportunities; and improving the social, academic and health outcomes through structured sports participation.

Hanna Youth Foundation

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