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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do The Donation Funds Go To?

We have an account setup for the Foundation. All funds go to the bank account created for the 501.3.C JPMB. We use those funds to create events, purchase products for our youth and to manage and maintain any and all buildings that we use.

What If I Need To Change My Amount?

If you need to change your amount you can do so by sending an email through the website or clicking the donate button and making another donation.

Can I Donate Regularly?

Yes, you can donate regularly by clicking and checking the box on the next page.

Is My Donation Tax Exempt?

It is tax exempt. Your donation is tax exempt.

What Are Some Other Ways To Contribute?
You can sign up to volunteer for any of our workshops or events. We have sponsorship fundraisers regularly and are always looking for extra hands to get things done. Bring a friend, family or co worker and make it fun!

Still Have A Question?

Hanna Hanna Youth Foundation is a 501 (3) C, Tax Exempt, Non-Profit Organization. The program provides the City of Fort Myers boys and girls with strong core values such as sportsmanship, work ethics, teamwork, scholastics and a sense of pride for the community we live in. Our program solely relies on sponsorships to help subsidize the cost events, transportation, clothing and meals. Our goal is to give each child an opportunity to participate in a positive environment and build community pride, no matter their families income. To give our youth a chance to experience different cultures and surroundings, we want to take our youth to museums, aquariums, experience sights and sounds to enrich their knowledge of life, giving some an escape of their “harsh reality”. Having the ability to grow their minds, give them something to look forward in the future, we want to structure and mature our youths mind and develop professional careers.
We encourage you to preview the packages available and let us know which one you may be interested in. Every dollar, from every sponsor, has immediate impact on every child in the Hanna Hanna Youth Foundation.

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